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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is Impact Better Than Something Off The Shelf?

The primary reason is we start with an exact impression of your teeth. A boil & bite guard won't fit you nearly as well. An Impact Custom Mouthguard locks into place! You can breathe, talk & perform at your best.

2. Why are your Mouthguards so much less then at the dentist?

When you purchase your guard from Impact Mouthguards you are buying direct from the lab which produces guards for many dentists throughout the United States. Our direct to consumer model allows you to eliminate the dentist's profit by ordering straight from us.

3. Is the quality really the same as at the dentist?

YES! Our professional materials are all top quality and designed for use by dental professionals. As a professional dental lab we have handcrafted 60,000+ guards for use by folks just like you.

4. I have teeth missing, is that a problem?

NOT AT ALL! Impact handcrafts custom mouthguards for whatever you have going on in your mouth. If you are a young athlete with changing dentition we will craft your guard with room for those new teeth to come in. Once they are fully in you’ll likely need a new guard as your mouth has changed significantly. If you are an adult, we will craft your guard to fit your teeth perfectly, even with the open space.

5. I have crooked teeth, is that a problem?

NOT AT ALL! Impact handcrafts custom mouthguards for whatever you have going on in your mouth. In fact, we craft the only mouthguard that will fit you perfectly. Why? Because we start with an exact impression of your teeth and this gives us an exact representation of your mouth. From that impression, we pour a model and craft your guard to only you, perfectly!

6. Are you materials environmentally friendly?

YES! We handcraft our guards with only the finest Hypoallergenic BPA Free, dental grade materials.

7. How long do your Mouthguards last?

CHEWING IS NOT ALLOWED! With no change in dentition and proper care, the materials your guard will be crafted from are designed to last and last. Regular cleaning will help increase the useable life of your Mouthguard. If you are younger then 15 your dentition is changing, sometimes rapidly. As a result, you will need to replace your guard when it no longer fits comfortably. You should consider replacing your mouthguard annually due to possible bacteria forming on guard if not cleaned regularly.

8. What is the process to get my Mouthguard?

It's Simple! Once your order has been placed, we'll ship your Super Simple Fit Kit. Once this arrives at your home follow the easy directions (watch video) to take your own impression right at your kitchen table. It'll only take 3 minutes to complete. Once done, drop your impression in the bag provided and return to in the same box your kit came to you in. We even include the return shipping label to make returning a breeze!

9. What is your turnaround time?

Our normal turnaround time is 14 business days once we receive a good impression. This time frame varies and is based upon several factors. Time of year being most important as Spring and Fall are busiest.

10. What is Speedy 3-Day Lab Service?

If you are in need of your guard FAST, choose our Speedy 3-Day Lab Service. Upon receipt of your good impression we will craft your guard in just 3 business days. This service does not include expedited shipping which is available through our customer service chat box.

11. What shipping service do you use?

We ship ALL individual orders via USPS First Class Package Mail. For larger orders we ship USPS Priority Mail.

12. Can I make special shipping arrangements?

YES! We are happy to accommodate your need to receive your packages from Impact, FAST! USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail are available for additional shipping fee. We are also happy to drop your package in FedEx or UPS if a label is provided.

13. Do you ship internationally?

YES! Every day Impact ships internationally. USPS First Class International Mail for is $44.97US to Canada and $59.97US to the rest of the world. It includes the shipment of your Fit Kit and the shipment of your finished guard. It does NOT include return shipment of your impression to Impact. USPS does not provide that service so you will have to make arrangements with your local carrier.

14. What if my Mouthguard doesn't fit? guarantees a perfect fit! If it is anything less then that please let us know and we will fix it.

15. My Mouthguard is rubbing my gums. Can I trim it?

NO! In the rare event your guard rubs, Please let us know and we will send a label to return guard to Impact for a professional trim. We want to make sure your guard's fit is 100% perfect.

16. How long do you keep my impression?

We will keep your impression/model on file for six months for free! This entitles you to a nice $10 discount on reorders. If you'd like us to keep your model on file for a longer period of time please select the one year or three-year option when ordering.

17. Do I need a new impression to get a night guard?

NO! We can easily use the impression we have on file to craft your new night guard or sports guard. A new impression is not needed.

18. Will your night guard stop my snoring?

While it is not specifically crafted to stop snoring our clients report a very nice reduction in loud snoring when wearing a night guard. You may also enjoy a bit of peaceful rest once you begin sleeping with your custom night guard.